The Why

Life Jackets are an integral part of ocean and water sport safety, and fundamental to being able to work and play in the water that we love. Life Jackets are not a product that will be replaced, or can be ignored.

However, Life jackets of all types create a major environmental challenge as no retailer or manufacturer until now offers a recycling service, even though the materials that go into modern life jackets are 100% recyclable.

The scale of the environmental challenge is significant

The global market is circa $2.5bn with an average mid tier retail of circa $80 this means over

30 million Life Jackets being sold per annum. At the end of life there is only one current solution send the jacket to landfill or incineration. The global life jacket market will further expand at a CAGR of 4.5% to reach US$ 3,938.1 Million by the end of 2032. Use of life jackets for daily sailing is expected to contribute more than 17% to the global market growth during the forecast period.


We believe the UK market alone has a circa 3% share of the global market, making the market in the region of 900,000 Life Jackets being sold per annum and with UK interest in sailing and water pursuits growing in line with global trends it is not unreasonable to see sales extend to over a million units a year in the coming years.

Given no solution exists to date for at scale recycling , we believe over 90% of Life Jackets are going to Landfill and / or incineration. With no historical solution then this means over One million a year are ending up in the ground or being burnt. Given the average Jacket weighs in at 550 gms then this is over 450 tonnes of waste per annum. Just the UK. If we scale this up globally it will be in excess of 45,000 tonnes…

There is NO reason for this to happen! The materials in a Life Jacket are all recyclable, or can have their life extended. We have built the process to fix this issue in the UK and are now operational – then the plan is to extend internationally. We have to start somewhere so lets stop the UK’s 450 + tonnes of waste going to landfill and incineration for no reason other than we don’t have a solution…well we do now! Then we can expand to industrial recycling and provide an international service too!

If you want to join the movement and stop your old Life Jacket or PFD going to landfill please click here and we can start right now!